Civics Assignment

History and Structure of American Government
Civics Project Requirement – 2013

As part of the requirement for United States Government, students will choose to do one project among the following:

Volunteer Assignments
• Choose a candidate (for example, any of the local offices – Mayor, School Committee, City Councilor, etc.) and work for them in their campaign offices for a minimum of 20 hours.

Writing Assignments
• Attend one of the following and write a two page report on it:
o Lynn City Council Meeting (see me first)
o Lynn School Committee Meeting (see me first)
o An organized political event, for example a Democratic, Republican, Tea Party or “Occupy Boston” type event.
• Interview one of the people running for office in the “Volunteer Assignments” section above.
• A report (maybe a poster?) focusing on a current political race, or individual candidate and/or opponent, or one of the ballot questions on the Massachusetts ballot this year (if applicable).

Due Date
Proof of completion of any of the Volunteer Assignments, or one of the written assignments to be passed in by Wednesday, November 7, 2012. Either a note on campaign letterhead or an e-mail to from a published campaign website will be accepted.

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